Call Center: Costumer all over the country can announce the problems and getting the tracking code through this portal and the problem is solved through company regional agencies. This company has give services to customer for 16 years with a central office in Tehran and 31 agencies across the country. (dealers list)
All customers can call these agents and connect to call center and announce the problems and get the tracking code. Then whole information of the customer is reported to related agents and they solve the problems and report the conclusion to the central office. Customers can follow it with their tracking code during the process.

All bank equipments have 1 year guarantee and 15 years after sale services. Due to expansion of banking equipments sales, this company has extended its activities in banking services since 1387 and with the purpose of providing optimal services for customers, company’s agencies have started services providing all over the country. Due to developing new products in urban automation equipments this networking service has been supported with specialized knowledge.

Other services offered by this collection are design, production and manufacturing electromechanical products and facilities and potential in the Para Manufacturing which are as follow:

  • Laser cutting services with modern equipments
  • Molding and mechanical part specialized services
  • Electronic specialized services
  • Banking and urban automation software services

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